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dragon tattoo by joe pavone

japanese dragon tattoo


Gandalf tattoo by Joe Pavone

gandalf tattoo


Last Week we decided that we wanted to see clients in costume. To reward them for stopping by and showing off their creativity, we promised to give away $50 Gift Certificate to the first 10 clients to stop by in Greece last Saturday and then again at Webster on Halloween (tomorrow). We posted this info on Facebook and for reasons known only to Facebook, they decided to only show this information to a very select few clients.

It kind of sort of irritated me.

It irritated me enough to realize that we were going to need a more reliable way to reach out to clients in the future. Thus this blog was born. Being in it’s infancy, I don’t expect that many will see this either – but in the event that some of you might… I would like to remake the offer.

$50 White Tiger Gift Certificate for stopping by the Webster location in costume on Wednesday October 31st, 2012. One Gift Cert per client… and of course it has to be a real costume.
Not getting dressed up again on Halloween because you did your partying on the weekend?
Bring the kids by before you bring them to Grandma’s. They can get some candy and you can get a Gift Certificate for yourself.

Happy Halloween!!!

Jack and Zero tattoo

Client Submitted Photos

I intend to post these periodically as well – but since the Blog is new and Facebook is being weird…. Here are a whole bunch of ones that we have gotten in the past:

Jamie’s tattoos are made by Jim at the Greece location:

Jamie Hawkin's tattoos by Jim Class   Classy Lady with tattoos by Jim Class

“Lockhart” tattoo by Adam Francey at the Greece location. Submitted by Chris.

Lock Heart chest tattoo

Leg tattoo on Mary made by Joe Pavone at the Webster location.

Feminine leg tattoo and some other work also on Mary… tattoos by Joe Pavone

Sleeve by Jim Class at the Greece location. Submitted by Jamie.

feminine tattoo sleeve

Chest Eagle by Joe C at the Greece location.

Traditional Eagle tattoo

Some names by Mariah at the Webster location. Photo submitted by Andy.

lettering tattoo rochester ny

Lots of leg work on Aaron – made by Jim Class at the Greece location.

Leg sleeve tattoo

Laura said that Starr made this one for her in 2010.

claddagh tattoo

Left arm on Aaron by Jim Class at the Greece location.

Jim Class left arm

Rib Lettering on Jeff by Adam Francey at the Greece location.

follow your heart tattoo on ribs

Celtic Heart tattoo by Starr at the Webster location. Submitted by Tiffany.

celtic heart tattoo

Jim’s back when it was still in progress from TeeJay.

warrior woman and dragon back tattoo

Eric’s wife on her wedding day. Tattoo by Adam Francey at the Greece location.

shoulder tattoo

Mom tattoo by Joe C at the Greece location. Submitted by Thomas:

butterfly heart mom tattoo

Some Lettering by Joe C at the Greece location. Submitted by Robert:

Old English lettering tear-out tattoo

and some flames also submitted by Robert:

flames tattoo

Virgin Mary done by Sara Purr when she was at the Greece location. Submitted by Milena.

Virgin Mary tattoo by Sara Purr

Some Lettering by Eric Saner who was at the Greece location. Submitted by Savannah.

Fighter tattoo on wrist

Submitted by Inna, but no artist credit given:

hip tattoo flower and kanji

Family portrait on Ray by TeeJay. Kids done previously and Mom added at the session of time of photograph.

family portrait tattoo

Anime girls on Liza by TeeJay. Girl with tail created by Mako Fufu. More of her work can be found here Mako Fufu

Anime Girls tattoo

Memorial Tattoo made by TeeJay – submitted by Amanda (although tattoo is on her husband’s arm)

memorial tattoo for infant

Flowers on Angela and made by Adam Francey at the Greece location.

cherry blossom tattoos

Tattoo by Joe Pavone on Angela. This tattoo was surgically cut through and then re-placed after surgery.

tattoo cut by surgery

Birthday Dream Catcher tattoos made by Mariah at the Webster location.

dream catcher tattoos

Phoenix tattoo made by Starr at the Webster location. Submitted by Eric.

Phoenix tattoo   Red Sonja on Eric’s ribs made by TeeJay.  Red Sonja tattoo

If you are interested in submitting your photos – please send them to TeeJay c/o the shop
email adress is admin(that little @symbol)




Adam - White Tiger Tattoo dagger painting      Owl tattoo

Photos of Artists at White Tiger Tattoo (Past and Present)

We were contacted recently by a gentleman doing an ergonomics study on the effects of tattooing on tattoo artists. He asked if we could send any photos we had of ourselves tattooing.

Word was put out to the clients to see if they had any they could send to us.

Here is some of what we received:

Joe Pavone tattooing Amy   Joe tattooing Amy   Joe Pavone tattooing Amy

TeeJay tattooing Josh      TeeJay tattooing Eric   Josh tattooing Nicole      TeeJay tattooing Mike Ajax