Quest for Baby Dolls

Call it an Art Project. Call it Apprentice Abuse. Whatever you would like.

Some of us are planning on spending some time drawing tattoos on baby dolls. The problem is locating the baby dolls themselves. None of us have kids the correct age to have any laying around the house and Thrift Stores seem to no longer be carrying them.

So if you have any that you can donate or a lead on someplace that would have some cheap… Please let us know!

Also if you have a baby doll that you would like to specify how it’s gets decorated and have it returned to you, that could be arranged also.


They don’t have to be this creepy.


About justteejay

I am a female artist and shop owner. I believe in love and creation above fear and destruction. I am a passionate person and respect and admire that in others regardless of where their passion lies. But at the end of the day, all I want to do is add a little beauty to the world and try to be a blessing in the lives of those around me.

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  1. Are you still looking for babies?

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