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A few new ones from Pam

Want to see more photos from your favorite artists at White Tiger? Want to know why your tattoo isn’t on display?

Please ask your artist to give their photos to TeeJay.

Please. Please. Please. I’m having a super hard time getting photos from them. I’m asking for help from the clients. Tattoo websites aren’t interesting if they never change.

BIG round of thanks to Pam for stepping up and sending a few samples of what she has been up to lately!

Keep ’em coming!!!!

bird tattoo by Pam My Neighbor Totoro tattoo by Pam wasp tattoo by Pam


Guest Artists – Caryl Cunningham & Bas

Caryl and Bas are doing a little East Coast Tour in September and will be stopping by and paying a visit September 17th – 19th.

Caryl has been here before and if you aren’t familiar with her work you can check it out here
She is a talented artist and a stellar human being. Her space will fill up quickly, so if you are interested be sure to contact her soon. You can reach her via email at







Currently I don’t have photos of Bas’ work, but will update when they arrive.

Kent McKnight joins the crew at the original location

Kent actually worked here at White Tiger about 20 years ago. He is moving back to the Rochester area and we are happy to welcome him back.
He will be filling in and doing a small guest spot starting Tuesday the 10th of March and will be in Rochester full time as soon as the Realtors/Lawyers get their collective acts together.

His section on the web page is up and hopefully functioning properly at

Please check it out when you get a chance (and let me know if any of the links are not functioning properly)

You can reach Kent via email at or via the shop at (585) 621-4460

cadsuceus tattoo by Kent McKnight

Gypsy Head tattoo by Kent McKnight

hummingbird tattoo by Kent McKnight


wolf tattoo