White Tiger Tattoo is a primarily custom tattoo studio with two location near Rochester, NY. One being at 466 West Ridge Road in the city of Rochester (near Greece) and the other being at 1203 Ridge Road in Webster (just outside of the Village).

Our “regular” shop web page is located at White Tiger Tattoo

Please feel free to wander about here and there and let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.

  1. Question; i want to get a matching tattoo w my little sister. She is 16, do we need our mother there, or is a note fine??

    • Noel,
      Your sister can not get tattooed in New York state until she is 18. It is illegal here. Parental consent has no effect on this. In the same way that a parent can not sign so that a minor can be served alcohol underage, no parent can sign to allow a minor to be tattooed in this state. Both the parent and the tattooist could face criminal charges.
      We would be more than happy to help you both out with matching tattoos once she has reached 18.

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