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Interview with Mariah Rose – Rochester Woman Magazine

Mariah has done some work with Rochester Woman Magazine in the past. This Article follows up with her on her progress and hopes since the stroke.

What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

Check it out when you have a chance. Mariah appreciates everyones ongoing support.


Mariah Rose


Mariah Rose

What’s Going on with Mariah?

On October 5th Mariah suffered a stroke and has been hospitalized since. She has been steadily recovering and making great progress – however at this point we have no anticipated date for her return to the shop or to tattooing.
Mariah is currently shooting to be released from the hospital on November 7th and with her feisty spirit we have no doubt that this is possible.

If you would like to keep up with how Mariah is doing you can follow her on her facebook or Instagram accounts as she is posting fairly regularly. She can receive texts and messages and greatly appreciates them all – but may not be able to reply. So please feel free to say hi in any way that she can. Hospital stays can be pretty boring : )

A donation site has been set up by a family friend and if you would like to donate financially you may do so here Mariah Rose. There are also a number of fundraisers and benefits going on around town. If you have something that you would like to get to her – you may leave it at either shop and we will make sure that it gets to her safely.

We appreciate everyone’s patience throughout this process and the understanding of the clients who’s appointments had to be cancelled; especially those of you that we were unable to contact before your appointment date.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, sent well wishes and offered their support to Mariah and her family. It has been greatly appreciated. She is surrounded by love and we are sure we will see her smiling face in the shop again soon.

Thank you Tattoo Family. You are awesome!!!

Mariah Rose

Mariah Rose

Mariah Rose

TeeJay and Mariah Rose to be at Marked for Life All Female Tattoo Expo in Orlando

TeeJay and Mariah

TeeJay and Mariah Rose, will be attending the 18th Annual Marked for Life Tattoo Expo in Orlando, Florida from January 17th to 20th along with several other talented ladies.
If you’ll be in the area and would like to set something up, TeeJay may be reached at Mariah may be reached at or (585)697-4424.
Don’t be jealous! Come on down!

Zombie Nurse Bettie by Mariah Rose

Zombie Nurse Bettie Tattoo by Mariah Rose

Okay, I just thought it was cute

This was sent to me tonight and I thought it was too fun not to share.

little tattoo artists

Thanks Matt!

It’s Mariah Rose’s Two-Year Anniversary with Us!


Mariah Rose Tattoo

As of Sunday, November 11, 2012, Mariah Rose has been with us, at White Tiger’s Webster location for two years!

Time flies.

Check her out under Mariah Rose Tattooist on facebook, Mariah_Rose13 on Twitter, MariahRose13 on WordPress, and Mariah Rose on Pinterest.

Feel free to e-mail her at, call/text (585)697-4424, or call the shop Tuesday thru Saturday, noon to 8 at (585)872-2722.

Dancing Skeleton Tattoo by Mariah Rose

Dancing Skeleton Tattoo


Hello from Mariah Rose (Intro to White Tiger’s Blog with Goth Pin-up Tattoo)


goth pin-up tattoo

My name is Mariah Rose. I tattoo out of White Tiger in Webster, NY (as you may have guessed). I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself into the blogging world as a member of White Tiger’s blog, here, on WordPress. There will be more to come at some point soon! Thank you and enjoy.

Client Submitted Photos

I intend to post these periodically as well – but since the Blog is new and Facebook is being weird…. Here are a whole bunch of ones that we have gotten in the past:

Jamie’s tattoos are made by Jim at the Greece location:

Jamie Hawkin's tattoos by Jim Class   Classy Lady with tattoos by Jim Class

“Lockhart” tattoo by Adam Francey at the Greece location. Submitted by Chris.

Lock Heart chest tattoo

Leg tattoo on Mary made by Joe Pavone at the Webster location.

Feminine leg tattoo and some other work also on Mary… tattoos by Joe Pavone

Sleeve by Jim Class at the Greece location. Submitted by Jamie.

feminine tattoo sleeve

Chest Eagle by Joe C at the Greece location.

Traditional Eagle tattoo

Some names by Mariah at the Webster location. Photo submitted by Andy.

lettering tattoo rochester ny

Lots of leg work on Aaron – made by Jim Class at the Greece location.

Leg sleeve tattoo

Laura said that Starr made this one for her in 2010.

claddagh tattoo

Left arm on Aaron by Jim Class at the Greece location.

Jim Class left arm

Rib Lettering on Jeff by Adam Francey at the Greece location.

follow your heart tattoo on ribs

Celtic Heart tattoo by Starr at the Webster location. Submitted by Tiffany.

celtic heart tattoo

Jim’s back when it was still in progress from TeeJay.

warrior woman and dragon back tattoo

Eric’s wife on her wedding day. Tattoo by Adam Francey at the Greece location.

shoulder tattoo

Mom tattoo by Joe C at the Greece location. Submitted by Thomas:

butterfly heart mom tattoo

Some Lettering by Joe C at the Greece location. Submitted by Robert:

Old English lettering tear-out tattoo

and some flames also submitted by Robert:

flames tattoo

Virgin Mary done by Sara Purr when she was at the Greece location. Submitted by Milena.

Virgin Mary tattoo by Sara Purr

Some Lettering by Eric Saner who was at the Greece location. Submitted by Savannah.

Fighter tattoo on wrist

Submitted by Inna, but no artist credit given:

hip tattoo flower and kanji

Family portrait on Ray by TeeJay. Kids done previously and Mom added at the session of time of photograph.

family portrait tattoo

Anime girls on Liza by TeeJay. Girl with tail created by Mako Fufu. More of her work can be found here Mako Fufu

Anime Girls tattoo

Memorial Tattoo made by TeeJay – submitted by Amanda (although tattoo is on her husband’s arm)

memorial tattoo for infant

Flowers on Angela and made by Adam Francey at the Greece location.

cherry blossom tattoos

Tattoo by Joe Pavone on Angela. This tattoo was surgically cut through and then re-placed after surgery.

tattoo cut by surgery

Birthday Dream Catcher tattoos made by Mariah at the Webster location.

dream catcher tattoos

Phoenix tattoo made by Starr at the Webster location. Submitted by Eric.

Phoenix tattoo   Red Sonja on Eric’s ribs made by TeeJay.  Red Sonja tattoo

If you are interested in submitting your photos – please send them to TeeJay c/o the shop
email adress is admin(that little @symbol)