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Cheese Tattooing (this has nothing to do with April’s Fools)

We have an apprentice at the shop. There are only so many things you can do and learn before you start working on people. Over the years I have seen people practice on grapefruit, chicken, leather, bananas, melons and “fake skin”. There are disadvantages to all of these and none of them really approximate skin.

TeeJay, Joe and Starr were bouncing ideas around of things that might be more helpful for gauging depth control. Joey came up with the idea to put a slice of cheese on a balloon. Go too deep, the balloon pops and you get instant feed back on how deep is too deep.

We did happen to have some sliced cheese at the shop (a little too thick) but alas no balloons. An empty water jug took it’s place. This actually was really beneficial as you have to stabilize the water jug just like a person (although we would never hold a client in place with our knees).

Starr had already left for the night by the time that the cheese experiment began…. but TeeJay, Pam, Nadia and Joey all gave it a go. Nadia had never held a tattoo machine before (she is our receptionist in Webster) so it gave us some different feed back as to how useful of an experiment it was.

The extra ink can not be wiped away without damaging the cheese (blotting or washing afterwards help some) and the integrity of the cheese was too variable for consistently good linework… but it was a useful experiment and with some thinner cheese (or maybe a processed cheese that is more consistent) I think it would actually be a beneficial exercise.

And you can eat what you don’t tattoo. Actually you could eat what you tattooed as well, but neither vaseline nor Instablack are tasty.

The intended victim

The intended victim

first attempt

first attempt









IMG_1520 IMG_1523



Joey (TeeJay and Nadia in mirror)

Joey (TeeJay and Nadia in mirror)

Tattooed Cheese!!!

Tattooed Cheese!!!

The cheese did better when it was first out of the fridge. Hanging around makes the cheese soft and squishy. Perhaps if we left it around long enough to start to dry out it would be easier to work with.

This is what happens in tattoo shops when you aren’t looking.


Quest for Baby Dolls

Call it an Art Project. Call it Apprentice Abuse. Whatever you would like.

Some of us are planning on spending some time drawing tattoos on baby dolls. The problem is locating the baby dolls themselves. None of us have kids the correct age to have any laying around the house and Thrift Stores seem to no longer be carrying them.

So if you have any that you can donate or a lead on someplace that would have some cheap… Please let us know!

Also if you have a baby doll that you would like to specify how it’s gets decorated and have it returned to you, that could be arranged also.


They don’t have to be this creepy.

and there shall be Cake!

Charity ‘Cake’ Hamidullah will be home to Rochester for the Holidays and will be gracing us with her presence at the Greece location for a couple of days. Specifically December 26th and 27th.

If you would like to set something up while she is here you can contact her directly via email

If you are not already familiar with her work you can check it out on her website LoveLiveCake

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much!!!

armlotusclock cake locket lovely rightnow

Really? Yes Really!!

For a very limited time our very own Mr Jim Class is offering a deal on portraits.

Why? Because he would like some more photos of them to put in his portfolio.

So if you would like a portrait (black and grey) of a friend, family  member, loved one or your choice of celebrity – you can get one from Jim for the low low (limited time offer) price of $200.

Any catch? No babies. That’s it.

Other than that – get ahold of him and work out the details. Greece location.

Holiday Closing Schedule

White Tiger in Greece (466 West Ridge) will be closed December 24,25,26 and January 1st

White Tiger in Webster (1203 Ridge Road) will be closed December 24,25 and January 1st

So we can goof off and spend time with our families. Both shops will be open until 8 tonight for you last minute shoppers who still need gift certificates.
Hope that whatever you are celebrating it is a warm and happy time for you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Santaween!


Last Week we decided that we wanted to see clients in costume. To reward them for stopping by and showing off their creativity, we promised to give away $50 Gift Certificate to the first 10 clients to stop by in Greece last Saturday and then again at Webster on Halloween (tomorrow). We posted this info on Facebook and for reasons known only to Facebook, they decided to only show this information to a very select few clients.

It kind of sort of irritated me.

It irritated me enough to realize that we were going to need a more reliable way to reach out to clients in the future. Thus this blog was born. Being in it’s infancy, I don’t expect that many will see this either – but in the event that some of you might… I would like to remake the offer.

$50 White Tiger Gift Certificate for stopping by the Webster location in costume on Wednesday October 31st, 2012. One Gift Cert per client… and of course it has to be a real costume.
Not getting dressed up again on Halloween because you did your partying on the weekend?
Bring the kids by before you bring them to Grandma’s. They can get some candy and you can get a Gift Certificate for yourself.

Happy Halloween!!!

Jack and Zero tattoo


Adam - White Tiger Tattoo dagger painting      Owl tattoo