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What I’ve Been Up To (JoeC)

As usual, my priorities are tattooing and my dogs, Buddha and Spanky.

Spanky and Buddha in the car

Since tattooing can be a little sporadic this time of year, I’ve had more time to paint, which is another passion of mine. my most recent finished painting is a 20″x30″ watercolor.


That’s all for now, folks…



Hello from Mariah Rose (Intro to White Tiger’s Blog with Goth Pin-up Tattoo)


goth pin-up tattoo

My name is Mariah Rose. I tattoo out of White Tiger in Webster, NY (as you may have guessed). I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself into the blogging world as a member of White Tiger’s blog, here, on WordPress. There will be more to come at some point soon! Thank you and enjoy.