White Tiger Tattoo – Webster NY

White Tiger Tattoo - Webster NY

White Tiger Tattoo - Webster NY back entrance


The Webster location can be found at 1203 Ridge Road in Webster – just a little bit West of the Village. The shop is in what looks like a house and is easy to miss. We were directly across the street from the Friendly’s which was easier to spot, but it now unfortunately closed. There is a Salvatore’s moving in there and hopefully we will be able to give directions that way soon.

This location is normally open Tuesday thru Saturday from noon to 8pm. Appointments are highly recommended. A receptionist is available to assist you in booking appointments in person.

Phone numbers for this location are 585-872-2722 and 585-872-5553

We can also receive text messages at the 872-2722 – text only, no images
If you would like to send images you can send them directly to the artists or reach the receptionist at whitetigerwebster@gmail.com

Working out of this location is Joe Pavone, Starr, Pam and sometimes TeeJay. Mariah is out on medical leave.

  1. How much do you have to spend, as a minimum?

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